Water injustices action group

Water is inaccessible and unaffordable for Detroit residents, who face serious health consequences without clean, reliable water. Moreover, these consequences have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the SciPol-Detroit summer initiative, the Water Injustices Action Group surveyed and informed residents in the Detroit metropolitan area about water injustices- specifically within the city of Detroit. We also gained the support of many suburban residents as we aim to increase general knowledge, permanently halt water shutoffs, and increase water affordability.


To learn more, read our full brief below.

To join this action group, please email Colleen Lin: colleen.linn@wayne.edu.

Group leader:

  • Colleen Lin

  • *Shanmin Sultana

  • *Hafsa Usman

                *Summer 2021 co-leaders


  • Hafsa Usman

  • Jessica Blount-Pacheco

  • Krystina Hird

  • Alisa Kishta

  • Bailey McCarthy Riley

  • Prince Iroanya

  • Colleen Linn

  • Clare Lanaghan

  • Egla Kishta

  • Saurav Singh

  • Breanna Borg

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Policy brief: