Lead exposure action group

Children residing in Detroit are disproportionately exposed to lead in their homes and communities. Lead exposure, in any amount, is toxic to the human body and interferes with development. Therefore, young children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to lead’s adverse health impacts. This includes physical damage to major organ systems, and significant cognitive, psychological, and neurobehavioral impairments. To reduce the long-term effects of lead exposure, early identification of lead in the blood is crucial. The Lead Injustices Action group aimed to increase community awareness and lead screening in high-risk Detroit neighborhoods. Policy action is needed to support the early identification of lead-poisoned Detroit children and prevent further lead exposure.

To join this action group, please email Lyndsey and Katie: fa335@wayne.edu and gg8233@wayne.edu.


To learn more, read our full brief below.

Group leaders:

  • Lyndsey Braman

  • Katherine Dwyer

Faculty advisor

  • Dr. Lyke Thompson


  • Vincent Dolgikh

  • *Benjamin Hedge

  • Siddhi Nair

  • Breanna Borg

  • Dr. Hilary Marusak

        *Summer 2021 co-leader

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Policy brief: