Air pollution action group

Air pollution in the city of Detroit impacts individuals at each stage of life, with various adverse health outcomes, such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Through the SciPol-Detroit summer initiative, the Clean Air Action Group surveyed and informed Detroiters about air pollution and air quality monitoring resources. We also gained the support of many Detroiters as we aim to increase air monitoring sensors across the city and improve public transportation methods to decrease local pollution.

To learn more, read our full brief below.

To join this action group, please email Joey and Clara: and

Visit our link tree for more information and resources: click here. 

Group leaders:

  • Joey Genna

  • Dr. Clara Zundel

Faculty advisor:

  • Dr. Yaoxian Huang


  • *Eldira Sako

  • Katherine Dwyer

  • Dr. Clara Zundel

  • Daed Daher

  • Shreya Desai

  • Breanna Borg

              *Summer 2021 co-leader


Policy brief: